Israeli Hardline War Criminals Invade Our City- November 8th

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, along with Defense Minister Ehud Barak, will featured as a guest speakers at the United Jewish Communities General Assembly meeting.


Netanyahu, a promoter of the continued subjugation of the Palestinian people, is visiting Washington unannounced. This war criminal and his hound, Ehud Barak will be speaking at the United Jewish Communities General Assembly, an orginization that lists the contradictory goals of “social justice and human rights” and “keeping Israel safe, strong, and prosperous”. Barak, after his first stint in the government, conveniently found himself on the payroll of one Electronic Data Systems, now known as HP Enterprise Services. It should be no surprise that some of HPES’ biggest clients are General Motors, Shell, The UK Ministry of Defense, and the US Navy.

As Prime Minister of Israel, Netanyahu has previously been strongly opposed to a two state solution, championing increased military presence at the expense of the palestinians. In a recent speech, Netanyahu decided he might, possibly, someday, MAYBE CONSIDER a two state solution, as long as the Palestinians were willing to succumb to hateful and oppressive terms. He continues to disregard binding international agreements concerning Israeli settlement, and has no qualms against the continued genocide of non Israelis in his so called holy land.

We, as part of the District Youth Mobilized collective, have a unique oppurtunity to tell this lying, thieving, murdering fascist what we think of him and his policies of subjugation and genocide. On November 8th, we will be sending a contingent to the hotel at which his psuedo-zionist event is to be held, and we will make him face his crimes against not only the Palestinians, but the Arab and global communities as well.


For more information, contact Paul Funkhouser or Stefan Koester, who’s information can be found somewhere else on this blog.


~ by Alan Cline on November 4, 2009.

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