DC Students for a Democractic Society’s (DC SDS) radical youth danceparty will take to the streets once again Friday, January 29 to protest the exploitation of the environment by imperialist and corporate forces at the expense of the global community.


 “Last month, Fossil Hawks celebrated two great victories: the US-led failure of the Copenhagen climate summit and Obama’s escalation of the War on Terror in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Thanks to their aggressive lobbying, the world’s worst CO2 emitters, companies like Shell and Exxon, are free from new international pollution regulations and fixing to reap huge profits from Obama’s expanding resource wars in the strategic oil and natural gas-rich war zones of the Middle East and Central Asia.

The importance of challenging the violence and treachery of corporate power is becoming increasingly clear to the Climate and Anti-War Movements. If we want to turn the tide of climate chaos and corporate resource imperialism, then 2010 must be a year of unprecedented cooperation between our movements in creative resistance against the Fossil Hawks.

With the US military’s ranking as the world’s #1 gas guzzler (oil consumer & user), buying from the top polluting transnationals, the problem runs deep. The annual CO2 output of the Iraq War is greater than 139 (60%) of the world’s countries. It gets worse, but much of the toxic output from the War on Terror is hard to put a number on. We know that US bombs release heavy doses of other greenhouse gases, and pollutants like depleted uranium (DU) are in regular use. There is a long history of US military-industrial eco-devastation: trench warfare gases in WWI, nukes in WWII, agent orange in Vietnam, DU in Gulf War I, and it’ll keep coming ’til we bring them down.”

Updates to come. If you’re an interested District Youth, contact DYM officers or visit . There are ways you can be involved in the planning/execution of this event and future events.

If you’re unfamiliar with Funk the War, watch this…

Funk the War 3: A New Hope from Daniel Meltzer on Vimeo.


~ by Paul Funkhouser on January 15, 2010.

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