Funk the War 9: Bad Romance!

I don’t know about you, comrades, but I am in an Anti-Empire State of Mind.

Lucky for us, Funk the War 9: Bad Romance is fast approaching! The roving, radical dance party will be kicking off at 3:00 PM on Friday, March 19th, the 7th anniversary of the illegal war in Iraq. Funky dancers should meet at Farragut West park at 3:00, as we’ll likely be on the move by 3:30.

We, the youth, fell head over heels in love with Obama, and now he’s sleeping around with the usual suspects: War contractors, big oil companies, and Israel. We won’t stand for this betrayal of trust, and we’re totally breaking up and ending this bad romance!

For all you high school kids ready to party it up against the military-industrial complex, we know you might not be able to be at Farragut West by 3:30, and that’s why we’re, based on interest, sending a contingent of funky students to a secondary “pick up” location at 4:00 on the day of, so we can roll in strong, and not be scared of the pigs in blue! If you have interest in this meet up, call or text me, (Alan) at (703) 678-8118 for the details.

Attire is, as usual, FUNKY! If you wanna look like part of DYM’s bloc, come in black and red, and tie some red or black material around your left arm. Hell yeah, unity.

See you on the streets!


~ by Alan Cline on March 16, 2010.

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